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Register to send 100 immediately, 500 can be withdrawn! The maximum withdrawal is 688!

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1. CASINOnlineSITE casino members who have not deposited after registration. Baccarat (applications will not be accepted after deposit)

2. After the casino discount is submitted for review, the reviewer will complete the review and the system will automatically add it to the account. (Please submit the application within 24 hours of the day of registration, and if the deposit has not yet been made, the overdue will be invalid)

3. After the experience gold is distributed, the game is limited to be completed within two months; for members who exceed the two-month period, the main account will be directly reset to zero and cannot be withdrawn.

4. This activity is only applicable to recreational players, any team or individual for arbitrage behavior, the company has the right to confiscate the bonus and profit and freeze the account to terminate the cooperation.

5. All draws, voids, cancellations, betting on black, red, odd, even, big, small, the first post, the second post, and the third bet will not be considered valid. in the bet.

6. After applying for this discount, it is limited to two months (60 days) from the date of application. If the entertainment is not completed, the discount points, profit points and principal will be deducted.

7. The same account/phone number/IP location/shared computer (Internet cafe)/network environment is limited to one application and entertainment. If you apply for and entertain members repeatedly, the discount points, profit points and principal will be deducted.

8. In order to uphold the principle of fairness and impartiality of members, this entertainment platform has the right to strictly monitor the behavior of members. If there is any violation, deception or use of rules and terms to make illegal profits, we will retain indefinitely to review and deduct points and all The right to generate discounts.