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Slot Machine|Steps for Bookmakers to open odds

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Some people say that the banker only makes money and not loses, and the money that the player loses goes into the banker’s pocket. In fact, this view is wrong,Bookmakers are not involved in betting, they are just intermediaries between experts and players. Bookmakers provide handicap and odds for betting to help one party make a profit in a certain way to maximize its own interests. Slot machine game theory gives you an overview of the steps a bookmaker takes to open the odds.

Step By Step Tell You The Secrets of Slot Machine

1. Information collation, probability calculation

The process of opening a trader’s position is a probabilistic process, so whether it is mathematics or football, the requirements for quality are very high. The trader first calculates the most likely outcome of the battle between the two teams based on the past performance of the two teams, the recent state of the two teams, the number of goals scored and the number of goals conceded, and then comprehensively takes into account team information such as management playing club, coaching level and List of appearances. Factors such as injuries, schedule, etc., calculate the maximum probability of the outcome of the two teams.

2. Open odds or handicap

Odds and orders are opened according to the trader’s first calculation. The purpose is to maintain the standard (single win) balance of funds, including the standard (single win) balance of one game and the same round of the league. Betting balances are balanced and Australian Lotteries profit by discounting games with relatively balanced betting balances. This is the foundation of the Australian lottery business. Preliminary references (standard, single win) are a key feature of Australian Lotteries and other companies such as William. The main purpose is to improve the usability of gambling. His tentative gestures have drawn increasing attention, and sometimes his initial proposals are often his true intentions. Since the initial quotation or the initial quotation often does not accept assistance, its quotation is not affected by external factors.

3. Adjustment of odds or water level

In fact, the outcome of the game has little to do with the odds (or handicap). It is mainly adjusted according to the player’s betting situation. It can only mean a buy if the probability (or water level) of a particular outcome is relatively low. There are more people on this website, and many players are optimistic about this website. Most quota (or water level) adjustments are automatically controlled by a computer, but manual adjustments also exist. The former is mainly suitable for some games with relatively stable betting volume, while the latter is mainly suitable for some popular betting events, such as the Champions League, because the betting volume of this type of game is easy to lead to one-sided situations, and the betting funds are also large, so the computer response is not. Then in time, the proportion of betting is easy to be out of balance. At this time, it is necessary to manually adjust the odds (or handicap level) to set a state that can balance the betting funds.

4. Risk control

AOC has a risk management mechanism. If a team receives a bet that exceeds the risk safety line, the system will automatically make appropriate adjustments to keep the odds (or handicap) within the balance and safety line. The positioning must be based on factors such as the chips of different events and the popularity of the event. In addition, the company will regularly calculate the profit and loss of each league and take appropriate actions for the loss-making events or gameplay.

For example, Inter Milan’s 5-2 victory over Catania, Barcelona’s 3-0 victory over Bilbao and other games, the Australian lottery will not be played, mainly because such games cannot avoid risks. great uncertainty. Not opening the market is also an important risk control measure.

How to Choose a Suitable Slot Machine

When choosing a slot machine, pay attention to the type, gameplay and odds of each slot machine.

1. Composite slot game

When a row of identical symbols appears in this slot machine, the player wins, depending on the number of simultaneous coin tosses. For example, if there is a row of lemons, one coin wins five, two wins ten, and three three wins fifteen. This type of slot machine does not reduce your chances of winning because you only flip one coin at a time. This slot is best played if you only flip a coin at a time.

2. Reward type composite slot machine

This type of slot machine adds a bonus to the compound slot machine: if you flip three coins at the same time and hit the jackpot, you get an extra bonus. For example, if you hit three “7s”, if you flip only 1 coin, the odds are 1000, if you flip 2 coins, the odds are 2000, and if you flip 3 coins, the odds jump to 10000 With slot machines, you need to first find out if the remaining winnings are worth your extra coins.

3. Multi-line payout slot machine

This type of slot machine has multiple lines, and each coin is flipped to activate a specific payline. Therefore, if there are no valid paylines on the screen, you will not receive any rewards.

4. Buy more and earn more slot machines

This is a slot machine that often confuses players. Each coin toss activates a specific payline. You must flip three coins to win the jackpot. A specific example is the Seven Sisters slot machine. When you flip a coin, you can only win if there is a row of cherries. If you flip two coins, you win if there is a row of cherries or a row of candies. You can only win heads if you flip three coins and three sevens appear. price. If you flip a coin and hit three sevens, you get nothing.

5. Huge cumulative slot game machine

This type of slot machine puts a certain amount of money invested by the player into the jackpot, forming a huge sum of money. Such huge jackpots can easily reach millions or even tens of millions, but players only have a chance to win if they play the maximum amount of coins. Grand Prix. Therefore, in order to play these slot machines, you need to flip the maximum number of coins each time.