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Slot Machine Deposit 15% more!! Deposit every day and send every day!!

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1. This promotion is limited to one application per person per day (24hr)

2. If the game is played in a non-specified game category, it cannot be “withdrawn” and “the discount points and principal will be directly deducted”.

3. After submitting the application to the customer service staff, the system will automatically add it to the account after the reviewer completes the review.

4. Please make an application before depositing the value for 24 hours without placing a bet, after the expiration date is invalid) After receiving the discount, the accumulated valid deposit code must be 15 times before you can apply for withdrawal. For example: the slot machine deposit is 1000 points again, and the deposit is 150 points again. If you want to apply, the valid deposit code is (1000+150)x15=17250 points. All tie, invalid, cancelled, betting on black, red, odd, even, big, small, 1st column, 2nd column, and 3rd bet will not be counted for valid bets Inside.

5. After applying for this discount, it is limited to two months (60 days) from the date of application. If the entertainment is not completed, the discount points, profit points and principal will be deducted.

6. The same account/phone number/IP location/shared computer (Internet cafe)/network environment is limited to one application and entertainment. If you apply for and entertain members repeatedly, the discount points, profit points and principal will be deducted.

7. In order to uphold the principle of fairness and impartiality of members, this entertainment platform has the right to strictly monitor the behavior of members. If there is any violation, deception or illegal profit by using the rules and terms, we will retain indefinitely to review and deduct the points and all the points. The right to generate discounts.